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Do you still produce books?

As soon as I mention that my company produces books, the reaction is almost always the same: “Printing is dead…” This perception is widespread in society and heavily perpetuated by the media. It’s comforting to say that we no longer need printed products, that everything is happening online. However, the reality is quite different, and […]


Adapt Your Design for Perfect Binding!

Despite all the options available to enhance the flexibility of a work, including PUR adhesive, sewing, freehand binding (Layflat or Otabind), and respecting the grain direction, a work bound with adhesive (thermal binding) has certain constraints. Too often, we see designs poorly adapted to the type of binding. Texts ending up 1/8 inch from the […]


Why Do Print Books and Magazines Remain Popular?

It’s been over 10 years (since January 27, 2010) since the iPad was launched by Steve Jobs. This Apple device popularized the term “e-reade”. Electronic readers existed well before the iPad, but Apple’s impact on this market was immediate. Although it wasn’t the best e-reader, Apple dominated this market segment. The days seemed numbered for […]


The 4 Binding Methods for Magazines and Books

Multi-Reliure introduces you to the four recognized methods for binding a volume using thermal binding. In this article, you will learn to differentiate them and recognize their particularities. This way, you’ll better understand thermal binding production, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method. 1. The classic method (Perfect binding) Documents (volumes or […]


5 Tips for Producing a Quality Book!

We know the creation of a book is the result of a lot of hard work. However, as bookbinders, we see that this hard work is often ruined by questionable choices at the design stage. Some simple basic tips and a good framework can change this, though. Here are five tips for producing a book […]